Like a tree growing upward in the spring time


Confident, assertive, ambitious, taking action, focused on goals, logical, stays organised, good thinker, loves challenges, drive, perseverance.

The challenge to face

Balance sense of drive. This is important as WOOD personalities can tend to

  • Push themselves to the point of exhaustion.
  • Feel impatient with themselves and others
  • Set many challenges for themselves


Be mindful of your emotions and how you express them. Balance your never-ending drive by setting yourself some boundaries and grounding yourself using exercises such as meditation, yoga, or tai chi.

Wood personality types are fearless and lead with a determination that surpasses all limits. You also look for solutions and see the bigger picture. The Wood type tends to be strong, stable, fearless, logical, organised, reasonable, bold, independent, and sturdy. Wood people turn ideas into action and exude confidence by not letting much stand in their way. You plan things well and tend to get frustrated if they go wrong. Always seeking challenges and pushing the limits, the Woods are strong thinkers. You love action, movement, and adventure and like to be the first and the best.

The love of adventure, courage, and competitiveness motivates Wood types to spring forward into action. They are natural-born leaders with entrepreneurial traits who thrive on the idea of change and see the adventure of possibilities.

On the other hand, Wood personalities tend to get angry quickly, fluctuate between moods, and may be prone to raising their voices when they don’t feel heard. For this reason, Woods can benefit from meditation. Yoga or Tai Chi can help harmonise mood fluctuations and improve physical flexibility.

On a physical level, you may want to take excellent care of your immune and nervous systems as there can be a greater risk of developing health-related issues such as muscle cramps, allergies, or migraine headaches.

BioKissed Products

Nomad Pack


Herbal Tea

Wood blend (Pineapple, Peppermint, Fennel, Ginger, Clove, Turmeric, Butterfly Pea Flower)

Essential Oils

Cedarwood, Citronella, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Wintergreen

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