Mission, Vision, & Values

Every step BioKissed treads is lead by our mission, vision and values, with a love for nature at the heart. This is our story. Read the script

Our Mission

“Our purpose is to provide exceptional business opportunities for all, while creating a culture for positive change with your health, your success, and our planet.”

Our Vision

“Our ultimate aim is to be the world leader in eco-conscious network marketing.”

We run on a deep partnership; with a shared vision for all: abundance, compassion for the planet, desire to give back, and positive impact.

Our Values

The Earth has reached a critical depth, and it is time for us to stand up for her.

Let’s create a truly sustainable future. Together, we aim to protect our paradise and embody our core values: the word EARTH itself:

Eco-conscious: We combine nature’s essence and ecological innovations to enable honesty and harmony between us, our products, and the planet.

Action-oriented: We instigate and create long-lasting change for local communities and those in need around the world.

Recognition: Every small step towards success within BioKissed is encouraged, celebrated, and rewarded.

Transformation: We provide an exciting opportunity for our members, staff, and local communities to flourish and find abundance.

Health-centric: We promote a sustainable and nourishing lifestyle focused on holistic wellbeing, inside and out.

We’re attached to nothing, yet connected to everything.

Didier Merckx
We are BioKissed
- Launch Script

Title Card:
A letter to Mother Nature.

Why do we love you?

For you?
For me?
For us?
We are BioKissed; Loving nature.

You are our source, our knowing, our everything.

But we need to ask,
Have we ignored your needs?

How can we make it right?
Can we grow together?
Can we love together?
Moving forward, rising as one?

We are BioKissed; and we believe in you.

With your grace, we will walk quietly upon your surface,
flow barefoot through your forest,
run wild through your sands,
and replenish in the cool embrace of your ocean.

We will bathe in your streams,
marvel at your beauty, 
play in your dust,
and seek shade under your creations.

Together BioKissed and its community stand by an unwavering commitment to a green future of hope, love and kindness.
You and I can change the world, making a difference.
The kind we have always dreamt of. 

This is our promise to you.

Together we choose love.
Together we choose to protect our paradise.
Together we choose to create a better tomorrow, today.

We are BioKissed, loving Nature