The 5 Elements Quiz

The Five Elements Personality types helps people empower most aspects of their lives, including themselves and helps people engage with others in a way that is immediate, practical, potent and lasting.

We have lovingly created a personality quiz based on the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, designed to determine which element you are most dominant in. Here is an opportunity for you to get a glimpse into which element type most resonates with and relates to you.

Discover your element personality now!

Find your element

What characteristics describe me?

What best describes my work ethic?

My communication style

A word that describes me

My talent is

As a child, I was …

My preferred clothing is

My dream career is

How I respond to projects

I am …

I have a tendency to suffer from

This phrase relates to me the most

I like to …

I have …

I can often suffer from

What my friends think about me

I find that …

What I desire most

I fear …

Best describes how I work with others

How I respond to change

What’s always on my mind …

My emotional fear is

When I’m upset, my emotional tendency is …