BioKissed Strip

Elevate Your Health Experience with BioStrip Single!

For those seeking personalized health insights on demand, meet BioStrip Single, available individually for your convenience! Whether you’re a first-time user curious about its incredible capabilities or a savvy wellness enthusiast fine-tuning your health, the individual BioStrip option offers flexibility and accessibility.

Tailor your health journey, one strip at a time, and embrace the freedom to prioritize your well-being whenever you desire.

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BioKissed Wellness App

What Do We Test

Deepen your understanding of your overall well-being.

Our at-home urine tests allow you to measure key wellness indicators to give you personalized nutrition & lifestyle tips.

BioKissed Wellness App

How To Use

Experience the simplicity and speed of BioKissed Wellness! Just follow these easy steps:

That’s all! With BioKissed Wellness, access real-time insights into your well-being, all from the comfort of your home. Don’t wait—download the app today and kickstart your wellness journey!

Download BioKissed Wellness from your app store and register your account. It’s free!

Follow the step-by-step instructions on the app and dip your BioKissed strip into your urine.

Wait 60 seconds for the strip to absorb your urine. Use the timer on the BioKissed app to make this step easy.

Scan the urine strip using the BioKissed app. Hold your phone to the strip, and the app will do the rest.

Read your real-time results and get your wellness score.

Get your real-time results and your wellness score!

Our app interprets your data, providing a personalized score along with tailored tips and recommendations to enhance your health and well-being.