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Plan to Abundance

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Plan to Abundance

Click the PDFs below to learn more about our compensation plan.

Plan to Abundance

10 Sources of Income

Videos Explanation

Watch the videos below to get more comprehensive information about our compensation plan.

Start to Success Guide

Learn from the beginning how to build a solid team and drive your business to the right direction by doing all best practices from our leaders experiences.

BioKissed Stair Step Solution

Name List Spreadsheet Template

Click the image below to download the template file.

Business Pack Brochures

Our Platinum Wellness Business Pack offers you the biggest head start, with the highest CP value (Commission Point) and commission percentages.

Click the PDFs below to learn more.

Platinum Wellness Business Pack

Gold Wellness Business Pack

72 Hours Promotion

Product Brochures

Our eco-conscious nomad products represent BioKissed’s commitment to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

BioKissed Wellness App Brochure

Nomad Products Brochure


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Coming soon

Macrame Bag

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Linen Mask

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Bamboo Toothbrush

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Bamboo Straw

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Black Walnut Bracelet

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Brand Resources

Below are our brand resources that can be used for marketing material.

Video Resources

Play or download these videos material to be used in your BioKissed recruitment process. Click the buttons below to filter the videos by its category.