Our planet is currently under threat as the climate crisis causes more damage throughout the world.

It is time for us act, for a better future and for mother nature.

One of our core values, at BioKissed, is to make a lasting and meaningful change to reduce the consequences of global warming, to make a positive difference for our future, for mother nature, for our planet.

It has been projected that by 2050, with no changes to our toxic behaviours we could be using around 34 Billion tonnes of plastic!

What do these numbers represent?




Plastic waste used in 1 year

2.1 Million Tonnes

400 Million Tonnes

30 Billion Tonnes

1 adult blue whale ≈ 140 tonnes (140,000 kg)

X 15 Blue Whales

X 3 Million Blue Wales

X 242 Million Blue Whales

1 Airbus A380 ≈ 580 tonnes (580,000 kg)

X 3.5 Jumbo Jets

X 700 Thousand Jumbo Jets

X 58 Million Jumbo Jets

BioKissed and Our Awareness

BioKissed is very aware of the horrific effects that climate change is exerting, and we want to promote a zero-waste lifestyle to limit the accumulation of toxic plastic waste.

It begins with our commitment to using eco-friendly packaging instead of single-use and harmful plastic packaging.

Impact of Plastic Packaging

It is thought that packaging materials are now the largest market of single-use plastics.

This waste currently makes up almost half of all the plastic waste generated worldwide.

It can take up to 1,000 years of a single plastic bag to fully decompose.

As a result, single-use plastics are incredibly harmful to humans, animals, and our entire planet.

Plastic VS Eco-Friendly Packaging

If BioKissed were using plastic packaging for 10,000 Gold Starter Packs, we would roughly be using:

  • 400 kg of Plastic Bubble wrap that would cost approximately IDR 14,000,000
  • 1,200,000 cm of Plastic tape that would cost approximately IDR 960,000

It means we would have contributed to approximately 422.5 kg in plastic waste to the world, and we would have paid a total of IDR 14,690,000 to buy it.

What BioKissed uses to package 10,000 Gold Starter Packs:

  • It means we contribute almost no amount of plastic waste.
  • In total, we pay approximately IDR 30,600,000 to buy our eco-friendly packaging, as we want to make a difference in helping Mother Nature.

We strive to provide what’s best for your future and our planet.

Determined to be as eco-friendly as possible, we are using biodegradable and compostable packaging, which has a much shorter life cycle than any plastic products and can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Packaging Comparison

Plastic PackagingLife Cycle*
Plastic Packing Tape> 3 Months
Plastic Bag~ 20 Years
Plastic Wrap> 20 Years
Plastic Straw~ 200 years
Plastic Cup~ 450 Years
Plastic Bottle~ 450 Years
Plastic Toothbrush~ 500 Years
Plastic Bubble Wrap> 1000 Years
BioKissed Eco-PackagingLife Cycle*
Eco Tape~ 3 Weeks + Compostable
Jute Bag~ 1 – 2 Years + Compostable
White Interleaf~ 2 – 3 Weeks + Compostable
Bamboo Straw~ 1 Year + Compostable
UNIFIED MugCurable, Recyclable + Re-usable
PURIFIED BottleCurable, Recyclable + Re-usable
Bamboo Toothbrush~ 3 Months + Compostable
Honeycomb Paper~ 6 Weeks + Compostable

*Time it takes to decompose

Each and every step makes an impact.
There are no small actions!