Herbal Teas

Herbal teas were initially documented in China by Shennong Ben Cao Jjing, known as the founding father of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), around 2737 BC.

It is said that Shennong first tasted an infusion by accident, with a chance falling of leaves into his boiling pot of water, encouraging him to experiment with hundreds of different medicinal plants. It is believed he discovered over 350 healing plants during his lifetime, which can be seen as a founding pillar of TCM.

At BioKissed, we believe in the rich healing properties of the deeply rooted foundations of TCM, which is why our herbal tea blends have been inspired by the natural elements of this ancient wisdom. Our five blends have been created to support and enlighten your overall health, wellbeing, and primary senses.

Medicinal Benefits

Each ingredient within the herbal tea blend is bursting with medicinal properties coming from the numerous active constituents that reside within nature’s fascinating plants. The lack of caffeine in herbal teas makes it wonderfully hydrating for your body, which further supports your wellbeing.

Herbal teas work on the physiological, mental, and emotional levels to encourage your body to bring itself back to a state of balance and positive health.

Our distinctive blends bring out the powerful medicinal constituents of each magical ingredient, offering you a delicious, nurturing, and healing experience with each sip.


At BioKissed, it is immensely important for us that we develop a trusted bond with our carefully chosen suppliers. We aim to support small businesses that prioritise the highest quality of ingredients, organically, and with no harmful pesticides or other contaminants.

Our ingredients are carefully harvested, cleaned, and dried before we cut and mix them into our bespoke blends. We are present at every step to ensure the highest quality and optimum taste.

Why BioKissed?

We have thoughtfully and precisely selected each ingredient to create bespoke herbal combinations, offering the best in both taste and apparent medicinal benefits. The months of research, planning and taste testing means we have truly found a unique range of herbal teas.

Our teas are brought to you as loose leaf blends, allowing the tea to breathe and therefore last longer, taste more refined, and reduce wastage (from unnecessary tea bags). Our packaging has been designed with a zero-waste aim, where each blend is packed into an inner pouch within a paper cylindrical tube, both of which are recyclable, reusable, and compostable!

As mentioned before, a unique feature of our herbal teas is our intentional alignment with the TCM five elements. Each tea is designed to complement the concept and energy of each element, such as the Fire tea’s ginger note to add a little heat to the palette, along with supporting the heart and cardiovascular system.

We will document our progress with the herbal tea development and let you know as soon as they’re ready! Soon you will be sitting back, relaxing and taking in the taste and aromas of the BioKissed herbal tea experience.