Bamboo Straw Set

A 100% natural bamboo straw to use whenever and wherever you go. A truly sustainable alternative to plastic.


  • 100% bamboo;
  • Reusable;
  • Sold in useful packs of 10 straws

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Globally, we use and dump up to 500 million plastic straws every single day. That’s roughly the same weight as 2 and half full tanked Airbus 320 aircrafts!

In Indonesia alone, It is estimated that we use and throw away up to 93 million plastic straws EACH DAY, which is approximately 37 tonnes of plastic waste and roughly the combined weight of 37 cars worth of plastic straws polluting our planet.

By choosing our bamboo straws, you are doing your bit to support a plastic-free world.


Did you know that plastic straws are barely ever recycled as they as typically too small to process?

They mostly end up in landfills or our oceans, where they will stay for up to a few hundred years due to their slow decomposition duration.

Say goodbye to single-use plastic straws and hello to our reusable bamboo straw set. Once you have reused it to it’s end, either recycle or re-purpose the straw!


Here are some useful ways to RE-PURPOSE your BioKissed straw once you’re done with it:

  • Household (use the straw as a cable label, use it as a DIY vacuum sealer, use it as a necklace chain holder)
  • Gardening (use the straw as a plant label, use it for seed planting)
  • Arts and crafts projects (for example, make a painting, a bamboo photo frame, an incense holder, or a flower holder)
  • The environment (collect your straws and create a DIY bee hotel to help the dying bee population)