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Love Nature, Love Yourself

Who is BioKissed?

We have created and based our company on five core pillars representing the core values of who we are and what we aim to achieve as an eco-friendly network marketing company.

Welcome to BioKissed!


Be a part of something greater!

Join our journey as a BioKissed member and live a life full of purpose while creating a sustainable future as an entrepreneur. Benefit from the massive potential to earn extra passive income while contributing to making the world a better place.


Become a Nature Loving Advocate

Contribute to an exciting new career for your future. A BioKissed Starter Pack allows you to create extra earnings, a passive income, and financial independence earned by sharing BioKissed products and inviting similar-minded people to do the same.

How to become a nature loving advocate?

With each starter pack you get, you will receive:

  • Access to the Back Office
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Give yourself the chance to grow, dream, and succeed.

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Discover our range of nomad starter packs to kick-start the opportunity of a lifetime. Each starter pack is unique and the choice you make will determine the pace of your BioKissed journey. The bigger the step, the bigger the opportunity

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BioKissed Academy

Knowledge is Power, Education is Key

We will always be here to support you. One of the most important tools in becoming a successful entrepreneur is learning. Having knowledge about the different aspects of running a business is essential in becoming successful and building your empire.

BioKissed will offer resources, training courses and seminars to provide you with all the necessary tools you need to kickstart your glowing future!



Be acknowledged for your hard work and encouraged to put your heart and soul into your business.


Contribute to helping the planet!

We aim to empower eco-conscious individuals to make a positive change in adopting a sustainable and non-toxic lifestyle. For you & for our planet.


Sustainable Products

Explore our Nomad product range, which has been created with sustainability and innovation in mind, for the eco-conscious among us!


Eco-friendly Packaging

We pride ourselves in only using environmentally friendly packaging which is compostable and recyclable to reduce the harmful effects that plastic packaging creates. By using sustainable packaging, what could be seen as a small step actually creates an enormous impact on reducing mass plastic waste to benefit our environment.

Nature’s Essence

Coming Soon!

Uncover the abundant gifts this planet has provided us with through our wellness products. We’ve travelled all around the world for the most sustainable and purest sources of ingredients with the aim of tapping into nature’s precious gift of replenishing wellness.

Essential Oils

Enhance your senses with our exquisite essential oils.

Our pure botanical essences have been meticulously sourced to strengthen holistic well-being, with the ability to offer extremely powerful benefits. Stay tuned, as we bring you on an aromatically captivating journey to wellness.

Herbal Teas

Invigorate yourself with our distinctive herbal tea line.

Our blends are each whole-heartedly crafted to offer a unique flavour profile while providing potential healing benefits to support wellness. Join us as we delve deep into the untapped gifts that nature has to offer.

Giving is Living

Help us give back to those in need by providing base necessities and take action to support our precious planet.

Sedekah Air

Clean water is a basic human necessity and right, unfortunately roughly 785 million people lack access to consistently clean water.

Water is the life force of Mother Nature and of all living beings, it is ,therefore, an essential cause for BioKissed to get involved with. Sedakah Air helps to bring clean water all over Indonesia from well drilling, filtering water plants to education of water conservation. We want our partnership to make a tangible difference for all!

Plastic Xchange

The global plastic crisis is at its peak in Indonesia, and action must be taken!

Plastic XChange is a sustainable movement that empowers communities to change their waste behaviour. It empowers communities to prosper through education and action to not only reduce plastic waste of our surroundings but also to help feed those in need. BioKissed and Plastic XChange, in partnership, are working towards an end-to-end solution to the plastic crisis.

“It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.”

Dalai Lama

The 5 Elements

Discover the philosophy behind the 5 natural elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 5 Elements is a guiding principle which demonstrates that all aspects of our health and wellbeing are interconnected with nature and the environment, which aligns with our values.

Understanding these elements can help one stay in a harmonious balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Each element represents its own personality type which can be used to outline your strengths and working points, with the goal to empower you to bloom into your fullest potential as a person.

We all have within us aspects of each of the 5 elements, however we are typically dominant in one particular element. We have developed our very own personality quiz, aligned with the 5 natural elements of TCM, which has been designed to determine which element you are most dominant in, which may guide you towards aspects of self-discovery.

Discover which element you are dominant in now!

Find your element

What characteristics describe me?

Which closely describes my body type?

What best describes my work ethic?

My communication style

A word that describes me

My talent is

My favorite activities as a child were

My preferred clothing is

My dream career is

How I respond to projects

I am…

I have a tendency to suffer from

This phrase relates to me the most

I like to…

I have…

I can often suffer from

What my friends think about me

I find that…

What I desire most

I fear…

Best describes how I work with others

How I respond to change

What’s always on my mind …

My emotional fear is

My emotional tendency is