Cool down, become introspective and intellectual


Intelligent, spiritual, seeking a higher purpose in life, calm, fighters, they love discipline and rules, are precise and adhere to a specific method, compassionate, and optimistic.

The challenge to face

Letting go of perfectionism. This is important as METAL personalities can tend to

  • Be overly self-critical and hard on themselves
  • Get anxious over making everything right
  • Minimise self-worth


As the metal element is related to the lungs and skin, be mindful of your breathing habits and protect yourself against catching colds. Avoid smoking and strengthen your lungs with breathing exercises such as tai chi, qi gong, or yoga.

Metal personality types are masters at meeting life where it is and rising above it. You are spiritual seekers, often looking for the next guru or toward the next mind-body-spirit connection. You appreciate finding one-on-one relationships with others on the same path of higher consciousness.

Metal people like definition, structure, and discipline; they seek to live according to reason and principle. You tend to have a high level of personal integrity; you are prudent and have a group-headed approach to life. You are best when things feel rational, organised, and structured.

On the other hand, metals can be overprotective in controlling their environment. They tend to dislike disorder and may occasionally react with indifference as a mechanism to handle situations.

For this reason, metal can benefit from avoiding smoking, doing deep breathing exercises, and doing Qi Gong. Encourage yourself to participate in community-based activities and maintain an active social life.

On a physical level, metal types may want to take excellent care of their lungs and musculoskeletal health. There may be a higher risk of developing lung-related issues and joint ailments such as rheumatism.

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