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They are thoughtful, gentle, caring, practical; they love music, art, cooking, and being in the garden; grounding and supportive; they like to take care of the family and have a lovely singing voice. This mother figure loves to care for everybody; they are honest, loyal, and sympathetic.

The challenge to face

Setting Boundaries. This is important as EARTH personalities may tend to

  • Give too much to the point of exhaustion.
  • Minimise own self-care and needs
  • Have a hard time saying no


Be mindful of your diet regarding sugar, sweets, and desserts. Nurture yourself by setting some quality time for self-care and encouraging yourself to set boundaries.

Earth personality types have a nurturing nature that comes from deep within their hearts, and shows itself through generosity. Earth types are devoted to their children, families, relationships and have a strong affinity for caring for animals or teaching children.

As an earth type you may like giving your friends a home-cooked meal or something you made. You want to give to the whole world and don’t want anyone to feel bad or disliked, so you are careful not to rock the boat.

Earth seeks harmony and togetherness in the world. You love associating with others, feeling responsible, following through, and keeping everything working from behind the scenes. People can rely on you as you are trustworthy and prefer to work in a team. You may often find yourself being the peace-maker as you try to help others resolve their differences by reaching the middle ground.

On the other hand, earth personalities tend to feel confusion and guilt and can be prone to overthinking, giving so much to others that they wear themselves out. For this reason, earth types can benefit from walking barefoot on the grass or the beach to clear their thoughts and restore their connection to the earth.

On a physical level, you may want to take excellent care of your bones, blood sugar levels, and gastrointestinal tract. There may be a higher risk of developing obesity, diabetes, and joint-related issues.

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