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The Nomad Unique Collector Pack is BioKissed’s beginning promise to the planet.

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Weight 2 kg
Bottle Volume

500 ml

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350 ml


What's Inside?

WOOD - Nurture your compassion

Wood represents the personality of a leader, a hard-worker, and someone who loves a challenge. Wood-element people are blessed with flexible strength, tend to be socially conscious, and constantly seek to grow and expand.

FIRE - Embrace your passion

Fire represents dynamic and enthusiastic individuals. People aligned with fire tend to love and seek attention, are talkative and outgoing, but also sensitive.

EARTH - Discover your nature

Earth portrays reliability and trust. People with the earth element are solid, friendly, calm, generous, and caring.

METAL - Believe in your strength

Metal depicts firmness, rigidity, persistence, strength and determination. People aligned with the metal element tend to be organized, business-oriented, and strong-willed.

WATER - Trust your wisdom

Water represents individuals with bright minds. They are mentally agile but remain loyal and steadfast. Water element folks tend to seek knowledge. They are adaptable and understanding.

Always Innovating

Over time we will add more products as we grow and expand. The Nomad Unique Collector Pack is BioKissed’s beginning promise to the planet.

We will always create natural, clean, and beautiful expressions of nature.

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