PURIFIED Smart Bottle

BioKissed’s PURIFIED bottle is full of smart function features and is truly a work of innovation. Our smart bottle has UVC-Ultraviolet Rays, which could help eliminate harmful microorganisms within the water, purifying it. It also has a smart screen lid, which displays the current temperature inside the bottle and has a smart alarm system that reminds you to stay hydrated.

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WOOD - Nurture your compassion

Wood represents the personality of a leader, a hard-worker, and someone who loves a challenge. Wood-element people are blessed with flexible strength, tend to be socially conscious, and constantly seek to grow and expand.

FIRE - Embrace your passion

Fire represents dynamic and enthusiastic individuals. People aligned with fire tend to love and seek attention, are talkative and outgoing, but also sensitive.

EARTH - Discover your nature

Earth portrays reliability and trust. People with the earth element are solid, friendly, calm, generous, and caring.

METAL - Believe in your strength

Metal depicts firmness, rigidity, persistence, strength and determination. People aligned with the metal element tend to be organized, business-oriented, and strong-willed.

WATER - Trust your wisdom

Water represents individuals with bright minds. They are mentally agile but remain loyal and steadfast. Water element folks tend to seek knowledge. They are adaptable and understanding.

PURIFIED UVC Technology Test

One of the most unique features of the BioKissed PURIFIED smart bottle is its ability to cleanse and purify the water within. With the plastic crisis at its height, we are on a mission to reduce the need for plastic water bottles, and promote ongoing sustainability throughout the water cycle.

The PURIFIED bottle allows you to drink clean water every day, just by filling up your bottle with tap water. Easy, efficient and cost-effective.

BioKissed worked with a laboratory to test the efficacy of the UVC light filter process, ensuring that after each cycle, the water is perfectly safe. Water was tested from a tap, waterfall, and river. The water samples were sent to the diagnostic centre for testing and analysis across the three most common bacteria groups found in water:

  • E. Coli
  • Salmonella
  • Coliform

All test results came back negative and can be viewed in detail here.

The benefits of the UVC light filtering technology means you can safely drink on the go. The PURIFIED bottle will give you an added layer of protection in your efforts to stay hydrated, reduce the use of plastic, and remove any bad smells.