Guide Your BioKissed Recruit to Success in 3 Days

You’ve poured your heart and soul into finding the perfect person to join your BioKissed team.

They’re excited, motivated, and ready to dive into the world of wellness and network marketing.

But wait!

Before you launch into product training and sales strategies, there’s a crucial window you need to consider – the golden 72 hours.

Here’s the not-so-secret truth:

The first three days after someone joins your BioKissed family hold immense power.

It’s the time when initial excitement can solidify into a long-term commitment or, sadly, fizzle out.

Studies show that most new recruits in network marketing quit within this timeframe.


But fear not, BioKissed leaders!

This sad story doesn’t have to be your story.

Implementing these simple yet powerful strategies during the golden 72 hours allows you to empower your new BioKissed partner to survive and thrive in this exciting new venture.

Buckle up because we’re about to ignite their success story!

Signing Up for Success

Let’s start at the very beginning – the signup process.

Guide your new partner through the paperwork, explaining each step clearly.

Explore add-on options that benefit them, and most importantly, introduce them to the BioKissed website.

This digital treasure trove is packed with resources, training materials, and valuable information – their ultimate guide to conquering the wellness world with BioKissed.

Now, let’s get strategic.

Collaborate with your partner to set a launch date for their BioKissed journey.

That creates a sense of purpose and accountability.

While excitement simmers, encourage them to brainstorm a list of potential members or customers – friends, family, colleagues – anyone interested in embracing a healthier, happier lifestyle with BioKissed products.

The First 48 Hours: Building Momentum

The following 48 hours are all about setting the stage for success.

Remember, every BioKissed partner has their own unique “why” – the driving force behind their decision to join.

Understanding their “why” allows you to tailor your support and guidance.

Next, get out your calendars!

Work with your partner to create a personalized calendar that outlines upcoming business meetings, personal commitments, and social events for the next two months.

Leaving space for flexibility is critical, but having a clear roadmap will keep them organized and focused.

Now, let’s fan the flames of excitement!

Encourage your partner to share their BioKissed journey with their network.

Perhaps they can host a small gathering – an informal introduction to the BioKissed philosophy and product line.

That is a fantastic opportunity for you to join in, present the business opportunity, and answer any questions potential members or customers might have.

Unboxing Success: The Arrival of the Kit

The BioKissed kit – a treasure chest brimming with wellness magic!

Whether you meet in person or virtually, guide your partner through the contents, ensuring they understand the purpose of the product.

Now comes the exciting part – preparing for their first solo presentation.

Gather all the necessary materials – catalogs, business brochures, contact information – and walk them through the presentation flow.

Role-playing different scenarios can boost their confidence and ensure they feel polished and prepared.

Post-Presentation Power Up

After the first presentation, schedule a debriefing session.

Discuss how to submit orders, analyze the event’s success rate, and explore strategies to build upon it.

Consider inviting a seasoned BioKissed team member to join the discussion, offering additional insights and fostering a sense of community.

By implementing these golden 72-hour strategies, you’re not just setting your new partner up for success but laying the foundation for a thriving BioKissed team.

All in all, success in network marketing breeds success.

In conclusion, when you help people you recruit to be successful, it leads to more success for you overall.

So, empower your new recruits to replicate this process with their own network, and watch your BioKissed family blossom into a force for wellness!


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