Grow with BioKissed: Building Through Groups & Events

Feeling stuck finding your next BioKissed customer?

Look no further than your own community!

As discussed in the first installment of our Prospecting Strategies Series, BioKissed empowers you to do just that.

You’re not just selling products.

You’re advocating for a healthier lifestyle and a sustainable future.

But how do you get the word out about these incredible, nature-inspired products?

Look no further than the vibrant network of groups and organizations right in your own community!

Imagine this: You are now in a room full of curious faces eager to learn about natural wellness solutions.

You step forward, not just as a salesperson but as a passionate advocate for a healthier lifestyle and a sustainable future.

You share the story of BioKissed’s commitment to ethically sourced ingredients and eco-friendly practices.

You explain how the products, like the refreshing line of natural essential oils or the power-packed superfood blends, can empower people to take control of their well-being.

This opportunity is the magic of speaking to groups and organizations – a chance to spark a conversation, ignite a passion for nature, and introduce them to BioKissed’s world of wellness.

Unearthing Opportunities: Groups & Communities are a Goldmine

Newspapers might be overflowing with events hosted by local clubs and societies.

Don’t underestimate these hidden gems!

From yoga studios to mommy and me groups, there’s a community waiting to hear your message.

Here are some specific groups to target based on BioKissed’s product range:

  • Health and Wellness: Look for groups focused on conditions BioKissed products can address. They can be the target groups for allergies, arthritis, diabetes, or skin conditions. Remember to avoid medical claims and focus on the product’s potential benefits.
  • Natural Living Enthusiasts: You can partner with natural and health food stores for in-store demos or presentations. Offer free samples to incentivize attendance.
  • Fitness and Wellness Centers: You can contact yoga studios, gyms, or fitness centers to offer a product presentation focused on post-workout recovery or overall well-being (with instructor permission). BioKissed’s natural essential oils for muscle relaxation might be a perfect fit.
  • Family and Children’s Wellness: If BioKissed offers products for families or children, connect with local mommy-and-me groups or parenting communities.
  • Senior Centers: BioKissed products can be a perfect fit for senior centers. Consider introducing them through informative presentations highlighting the benefits of natural skincare lines, herbal teas, and superfoods specifically relevant to seniors’ needs.

Beyond Presentations: Building Trust and Expanding Your Reach

The beauty of this strategy is multifaceted.

You gain valuable experience speaking in public, refine your knowledge about BioKissed’s products, and connect with like-minded individuals passionate about a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

While not every presentation leads to a new member, each contributes to building a community passionate about natural wellness.

You’ll undoubtedly plant seeds, inspire people to explore natural wellness options and build a positive reputation for BioKissed within your community.

Crafting Your Presentation: Education is Key

Think beyond the traditional “business opportunity” pitch.

Instead, focus on education.

Craft an informative presentation highlighting the power of natural ingredients and the science behind BioKissed’s products.

Points to Remember

  • Focus on the Benefits: Frame your presentations as educational, highlighting the benefits of natural wellness solutions and how BioKissed products can address specific needs.
  • Offer Incentives: Incentivize attendance at presentations by offering free samples or consultations. That allows people to experience BioKissed firsthand.
  • Network with Complementary Businesses: To expand your reach, partner with businesses that complement your products (e.g., acupuncturists for essential oil education).

By sharing your passion and BioKissed’s commitment to nature’s bounty, you can empower others to embrace a healthier, more sustainable future.

This opportunity also allows you to reach out to new people interested in natural wellness solutions or your BioKissed business opportunities.


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