From Struggle to Strength: Why Financial Literacy Matters to Giving Is Living

As an elderly, deaf senior citizen, I face homelessness and financial ruin, all while grappling with health concerns.

Despite my hardships, I refuse to lose hope and remain determined to overcome these obstacles.

– Joellyn Rose Keener

Joellyn’s story is a stark reminder that financial hardship can strike anyone, regardless of age or circumstance.

As a deaf senior citizen, Joellyn faces a unique set of challenges – navigating a world often inaccessible to her, along with the looming threat of homelessness and the weight of health concerns.

Yet, despite these daunting obstacles, Joellyn refuses to give up.

Her unwavering determination to overcome adversity embodies the true spirit of “Giving Is Living” – a philosophy that extends far beyond simply offering charity.

It’s about empowering oneself and others to lead secure and fulfilling lives.

Joellyn’s situation highlights a crucial issue: the lack of financial literacy that leaves many vulnerable to unexpected financial crises.

Perhaps, like Joellyn, you weren’t equipped to manage debt in your younger years.

Maybe you struggled to afford necessities despite working hard, or simply felt overwhelmed when considering long-term financial planning.

These experiences are all too common, and the consequences of financial illiteracy can be devastating.

The High Cost of Financial Illiteracy

Financial illiteracy can severely restrict an individual’s ability to achieve their goals and build a secure future.

Living paycheck to paycheck becomes the norm, leaving little to no room for saving for retirement or unexpected emergencies.

This constant financial strain creates immense stress and limits your options.

Breaking the Cycle: Building Financial Literacy

The good news is that you don’t have to become another statistic.

Just like Joellyn’s unwavering spirit in the face of adversity, you too can overcome these challenges.

The key lies in building a strong foundation of financial literacy.

By taking charge of your finances and educating yourself, you can empower yourself to achieve your goals and lead others to a life of security and freedom.

Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Embrace Lifelong Learning: Financial literacy is a journey, not a destination. There are countless resources available to help you on your path. Explore online resources, visit your local library, or attend community workshops offered by financial institutions or non-profit organizations. There are books, articles, and even video tutorials designed to teach you about budgeting, saving, debt management, and investing.
  • Start Small, Build Big: Don’t feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available. Begin by focusing on the basics – creating a budget, tracking your spending, and understanding the difference between good and bad debt. Once you have a grasp of these fundamental concepts, you can gradually build upon your knowledge and delve deeper into more complex topics such as retirement planning or investment strategies.
  • Share the Knowledge: Knowledge is power, and financial literacy is no exception. Once you embark on your own financial education journey, share your newfound knowledge with friends and family. Encourage them to learn alongside you. By creating a support system, you can hold each other accountable and achieve your financial goals together.

Financial Literacy and the Power of Giving

By taking control of your finances, you alleviate stress, improve your overall well-being, and open doors to new opportunities. This newfound stability isn’t just about personal gain; it empowers you to embody the true spirit of “Giving Is Living.”

Embrace the journey of financial education, just like Joellyn embraces her fight against adversity. Remember, a secure financial future is not just about yourself, it’s about the positive impact you can have on the world around you.


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