Flyers: The Old-School Networking Tool That Still Packs a Punch

Remember the good ol’ days of thumbing through stacks of flyers at community events?

Believe it or not, flyers are still a viable prospecting strategy in the age of digital marketing.

Before you dismiss them as relics of a bygone era, please hear me out.

The Numbers Game: Why Flyers Can Be Your Secret Weapon

In network marketing, they say it’s a numbers game.

You’ve got to get your offer in front of as many people as possible.

While “old-school” flyers offer a cost-effective way to cast a wide net.

Imagine you invest in a stack of well-designed flyers promoting your BioKissed wellness business.

You distribute them strategically in high-traffic areas, like local gyms or health food stores.

Suddenly, you’ve reached hundreds of potential customers who might be interested in a healthier lifestyle – your target audience!

Beyond the Paper Trail: The Power of a Recorded Message

Let’s face it: flyers alone won’t close the deal.

They need a compelling call to action.

Here’s where recorded message services come in.

Ditch the pressure of a live pitch.

A well-crafted recorded message, accessible 24/7, can pique your prospect’s curiosity without the intimidation of a sales call.

They can learn about your wellness opportunity at their own pace, and if interested, leave their details for a follow-up.

Flyering Like a Pro: Where and How to Distribute

Wielding a stack of flyers like a confetti cannon isn’t the most strategic approach.

Here are some tips for flyer distribution that’ll maximize your impact:

  • Targeted Distribution: Think about your ideal customer. Are they fitness enthusiasts? Hit the gyms! Do they prioritize organic living? Target health food stores.
  • Permission is Key: Don’t be that person leaving flyers strewn everywhere. Ask local businesses for permission to display them in waiting areas or community bulletin boards.
  • Team Up and Save: Marketing doesn’t have to break the bank—partner with fellow BioKissed members to co-op flyer printing and distribution costs. Imagine the impact of a coordinated flyer campaign blanketing your city!
  • Think Beyond Solo Drops: Network marketing thrives on collaboration. Approach local businesses in complementary industries (think yoga studios or healthy cafes) and offer to distribute their flyers alongside yours. It’s a win-win for brand exposure!

Flyers: A Launchpad, Not a Destination

Remember, flyers are the first spark, not the entire fire.

People rarely decide on the spot.

Consistent exposure is critical.

Aim for multiple impressions across different locations over time.

Repetition builds brand recognition and trust, making your follow-up calls or messages all the more compelling.

Flyers: A Surprisingly Enduring Marketing Tactic

Major corporations across various industries continue using flyers to effectively convey messages to a targeted audience.

Here are some examples:

  • Tech Giants: Large technology corporations, like Apple or Samsung, often utilize flyers as part of their promotional activities for new product launches. For example, they may distribute flyers in specific geographic areas or at targeted events to generate buzz and attract potential customers interested in the latest tech gadgets.
  • Automotive Industry: Car manufacturers like Ford or Toyota frequently employ flyers to promote special offers or discounts on new vehicle models. These flyers may be distributed in local communities or mailed directly to existing customers to encourage repeat business.
  • Retail Chains: Retail chains like Walmart or Target use flyers to advertise weekly sales, promotions, or seasonal discounts. These flyers are often distributed in local newspapers or through direct mail to target customers based on their shopping preferences and demographics.
  • Fast Food Chains: Large fast-food chains like McDonald’s or Subway regularly use flyers to promote new menu items, limited-time offers, or discounts. These flyers are often distributed in-store or included in mailers sent to nearby households to drive foot traffic and increase sales.

In sum, companies of all sizes continue to use flyers because they are versatile, affordable, and effective at conveying messages to a broad audience.

The next time you’re brainstorming prospecting strategies, don’t discount the power of flyers!

Used strategically, they can be a powerful tool in your BioKissed prospecting arsenal.

Let your creativity flow!

Design eye-catching flyers and get them out there in your community.

After all, a little old-school marketing can go a long way in the digital age.


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