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TCM: A Stereotype Approach?

I encountered where a heart disease diagnosis turned out to be GERD, triggered by a bottled drink.

The patient is my friend. She told me how she had spent 10 days in a hospital and had taken many pills for heart disease treatment.

The fact was a bottle of tea triggered her “heart disease” symptoms!

She suffered mentally, physically, and financially.

This real-life story prompts us to question the accuracy of modern health assessments.

But wait!

Are we going to discuss healthcare malpractice?


We’re going to explore the approach.

We can’t tell what an elephant looks like just by analyzing its trunk.

Similarly, it’s not enough to tell a patient’s whole story by just vexing the symptoms.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach is holistic, while modern methods focus more on symptoms.

Many famous doctors later adopted this holistic approach.

TCM: A Lifestyle of Wellness

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) emphasizes the importance of including gentle, regular movements in our daily routines.

These simple activities contribute to better mood and physical well-being.

TCM goes beyond just exercises; it encourages a holistic approach considering our well-being.

The focus is on fixing problems and making our bodies stronger to prevent illnesses.

In TCM, there’s a belief in balance, like the yin and yang – opposites that, when in harmony, make us feel good and energized.

This holistic perspective encompasses the integrity of the human body.

It acknowledges the intimate connection between individuals and their social and natural environments.

In the health realm, TCM strongly emphasizes maintenance, aiming to enhance the body’s resistance to diseases.

It stands out for its approach to disease treatment, focusing not just on symptom alleviation but on strengthening the body’s overall resilience.

A Deeper View of TCM

TCM views the human body as a dynamic equilibrium system with interconnected physical and mental elements.

Physical health hinges on harmonious organ functions, stable emotional expression, and adaptation to diverse environments.

TCM operates on the foundational belief in yin and yang, representing opposing energies like earth and heaven, winter and summer, and happiness and sadness.

Maintaining the balance of yin and yang is crucial in TCM.

When these energies are in harmony, you experience a sense of relaxation and heightened energy.

However, any imbalance in yin and yang can adversely affect your health.

Therefore, TCM advocates for a lifestyle that incorporates gentle movements and strives for a holistic balance, contributing to your overall well-being.

A Health Guide Since 2000 B.C.

The Huang Di Internal Classic, surfacing around 2000 B.C., pinpointed the decrease of yin and yang as the primary cause of aging.

Practical strategies for longevity were laid out – living in harmony with yin and yang, adopting a restricted diet, and embracing a reasonable lifestyle.

This ancient wisdom isn’t outdated; it’s a timeless roadmap to the coveted 100‐120 years.

Contrasting Modern Medicine

Modern medicine revolves around identifying symptoms and crafting treatment plans.

Conversely, TCM takes a holistic route, viewing the body as a connected system, considering overall health and its interaction with the environment.

TCM herbs go beyond alleviating symptoms, exhibiting anti‐inflammatory, anti‐oxidative, anti‐apoptotic, and autophagic effects.

However, the herbs work very subtly and take a longer time for patients to see results.

That’s why we view TCM more as a wellness lifestyle than as remedies.

Expert Validation: Dr. Attia’s Paradigm Shift for Longevity

Dr. Attia, a stalwart in the medical field, advocates for a proactive strategy for longevity, urging a departure from the outdated disease-centric framework.

According to Dr. Attia, the key to holistic well-being lies in daily and regular actions that emphasize adopting a proper diet, engaging in regular exercise, and maintaining positive emotions for a long and healthy life.

His advice aligns with the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) lifestyle.


In a nutshell, TCM focuses not on diseases but on the individual.

It strives to promote health and holistically enhance life quality.

As we navigate the intricacies of well-being, let’s challenge the norms and embrace the wisdom of TCM – where balance isn’t a goal but a necessity.

Eager to explore TCM nutrition? Let’s dive into our nourishing recipe articles.


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